Well-Being Herbal Consultation

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Optimize you health! Book an appointment for an herbal consultation with Alenka, the founder of Stolas Botanicals and co-founder of Frux Farm.

Alenka combines her passions in fresh ways that complement the varied healing modalities to assist others in a truly holistic manner. Alenka is a practicing herbalist/ayurveda, reiki master, somatic therapist, astrologer who considers herself a student of the plants and planets. She accesses their natural wisdom to assist in helping others grow, change and evolve.

She taps into her clients physical needs, listens into what the body needs to feel supported, in terms of herbs, water, food choices, exercise, daily practices, to become aware of the needs of the body and also what we need to feel supported everyday. Included in the session Alenka will look at your astrological birth chart to see what planetary influences, elements and modes are at play to further assist in herbal remedy choices.

This is a one hour session with a half hour follow up two weeks later.

Alenka grows all the herbs for her tinctures and oils on the farm, harvesting with the planetary cycles. If you are interested in alternative healing methods that go deep into the whole person, delving into the mental, physical and spiritual aspects, then book a consultation.  Once a session is purchased  Alenka will email you an intake form to fill out before the session.