Farm Crew


Alenka Loesch and Michael Kosacki founded Frux Farm to turn mindfully grown crops into handcrafted goods.

Alenka grew up farming, canning, and counting cows in Texas. She is now a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist. She brings her creative and crafty design skills to the farm along with her love for growing herbs. Her extensive travels and artistic skills inspire her creations at the farm.

Michael brings skills from volunteering, interning and working at a variety of small farms. His German-Estonian mother was an avid gardener who’s sparked his love of all things pickled. Inspired by the beauty of natural systems, he has taken numerous permaculture and soil biology classes.

Hachi is the best farm dog a farmer could dream of.

Julian Loesch is an all around can-do-it man. He does everything from handling large harvests to meticulous office work, copy-writing and communicating with customers. In his free-time, he is an avid reader and sci-fi connoisseur.