SIberian Garlic

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Siberian garlic is small to medium in size, averaging five centimeters in diameter, and is round with a bulbous end that tapers to a hard, central stalk. There are numerous layers of thin, white, papery skin that can be solid or striped with pink or purple, and the skin becomes a deeper purple with each layer that is stripped away. There are 5-8 plump, medium-sized cloves and each clove is encased in a hard, red-brown skin. When peeled open, the clove is smooth and creamy white. Siberian garlic is pungent and hot, but not overwhelming, with a slightly musky aroma. When cooked, it becomes delicate, mild, and creamy with a sweet aftertaste. This is a great all purpose culinary and medicinal garlic!

Our culinary garlic bulb size is one and half to two inches.

We take great care in curing the garlic so it is suitable for storage.